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Drug Rehabilitation Center We Care Wellness Foundation, a government-recognized, licensed organization in Mumbai close to Thane, offering affordable Short & Long Term Residential Rehabilitation programs to cure drug abusers.

Drug treatment facility close to Mumbai Drug addiction is the psychological and physical incapacity to stop using a substance, drug, or chemical despite the psychological and bodily harm it is producing. Chemical substances are those that alter a person’s mood, state of mind, and behaviour when consumed in any form.

The commonly used chemicals are:
  • Marijuana (ganja, bhang, charas, and hashish)
  • Opium (chandu) and its derivatives, such as heroin (brown sugar/smack)
  • Morphine, Pethidine, Tidigesic, Fortwin, etc.
  • LSD, Mescaline, Cocaine, Amphetamine (speed), Barbiturates, Tranquillizers.
  • other substances are among the substances that are frequently used.
If abused, any drug that a doctor has prescribed. Abusing any of these substances can lead to poor health that affects one’s connections with caring people, family, and society, as well as their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Best nasha mukti kendra in mumbai for Addiction Recovery.

The excessive need for and loss of control over alcohol or drug treatment centers is known as substance misuse or addiction.

Drug De Addiction Treatment Process

  • The programme may start with detoxification under the supervision of our full-time physician. Clients receive assistance as they go through a process that aids in the body’s physical healing and emergence from withdrawal.
  • The evaluation process starts on day one and involves a physical assessment, nutritional assessment, social functioning assessment (which includes a look at the person’s place in the family system), and a psychiatric assessment by our psychiatrist based on the client’s requirements.
  • Education regarding the disease of addiction and the steps that must be taken to uncover a person’s ability to lead an ideal life through abstinence-based recovery are both essential components of therapy.
  • Clients receive insight-oriented therapy in both group and individual sessions to help them see things from a different angle. More individualised care and attention are possible with a relatively low staff to patient ratio.
  • Recreational therapy, yoga, physical training, and role plays are some of the complementary therapies we have chosen to complement our holistic approach.
  • An evaluation of the patient’s needs occurs at the outset of treatment to initiate continuing care. Our staff works with our clients to create a plan that may include participation in 12-step support groups, sober living choices, ongoing groups, individual counselling, and/or other therapies through our connections with other providers. Detoxification under the supervision of our full-time physiatrist may be the first step in the programme. Clients undergoing a process that quickens the body’s recovery from withdrawal and physical healing are supported by a nearby drug rehab facility.
Drug De Addiction Treatment Process or Drug De Addiction Treatment Help

Short Term & Long Term De Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehabilitation Center Program tailored according to the substance used by addict.


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